About the “me” of meappropriatestyle

Welcome to  meappropriatestyle

an online fashion, design and topics of cultural interest magazine.

I started writing meappropriatestyle as a means to express my love of

fashion, design, history and language.


The initial impetus was to explore the power of influence shared by clothes and words.

Each with the potential to transfix/transform; compel/repel; to offer new ideas and to

re-visit what seems tried and true:  an endless list of creative, provocative and

challenging possibilities often accomplished by the subtlest details.

I worked in academia as a university lecturer

in language development and linguistic studies.

I admire the beauty of words.

I love to read, to enjoy how others meld language to their bidding.

I love to write, to try my hand at the same-

and fashion:  the design and the styling, which can define

an era gone by,  a role in society,  a ‘who I am’ or a ‘who I would like to be’.




Enjoy. Innovate. Share.

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