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Agender fashion:

clothing designed, styled, defined as representative of gender fluidity-

pieces which look beautiful on both the male and female form.





New Zealand designer

Hermione Flynn

created pieces for a menswear collection,

which evoke a strong attitude of gender non-specific fashion:


effortless, uncomplicated, universal.




Not he or she

but a ‘fashion we’



designs by Hermione Flynn

hermione flynn, men, agender, njal indifference_sampin_trousers_notjustalabel_531845430 hermione flynn, men, agender, pinstripe apron, njal, indifference_aprons_black_pinstripe_notjustalabel_21377696 hermione flynn, men, agender, njal, indifference_dressing_gown_coat_white_pinstripe_notjustalabel_1207999016 hermione flynn, men, agender, white top_bottom, njal indifference_straps_vest_white_pinstripe_notjustalabel_357733472  hermione flynn, men, agender njal, indifference_long_apron_skirt_notjustalabel_682859777

(images from notjustalabel.com)



hermione-flynn, men, agender, theunconventional.co.uk -apron-skirt-blk-2 hermione-flynn, men, agender, theunconvention.co.uk -wrap-front-pants-blk-4_1

(images from the unconventional.co.uk)