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is a living language

ever evolving to describe

au courant style images.

And the word is

night flowers

Night flowers (n.)

is a term of self – description

used by participants in London’s underground club scene.

Theirs is a world of the extraordinary-

alternatives in music, extreme street-style fashion, non-conformist lifetstyle:

a pronounced mode of self-expression and individuality.

‘Styled after dark’

photographic portraits by Damien Frost

night flowers, slate.com

(image from slate.com)

night flowers,, portraits, thehearlad.comau

(image from the herald.com.au)

night flowers, portraits, mjournal.com.br


(image from mjournal.com)

Reflection of the photographer, Damien Frost

 in the face mirror accessory of the wearer

night flowers, portraits, frost in mirror, theherald.co.au

(image from theherald.co.au)

night flowers, portraits, thenightflowers. tumblr.com tumblr

(image from tumblr)

For additional imagery of London’s ‘night-flowers’

have a glance through a captivating book,

authored by photographer Damien Frost-

Night Flowers:  Avant Garde to Extreme Haute Couture.

The book features over 300 portraits of those who ‘blossom’ after dark-

during the mid-night hour.