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Royal Ascot

the annual thorough-breed horse racing and fashion event-

is a much anticipated fixture on the English summer social calendar.


Occuring over a five day period each June

the most eagerly awaited point on the Ascot schedule is

Ladies Day

when attendees wear hats and headwear of singular

design detail and dimension.



The hats have it!

Ladies Day

Royal Ascot,  2016

Play on!

piano keys inspired hat

ascot, ladies day, 2016, piano keys, express 142997

Sweet sensation

marshmellow embellishments

ascot, ladies day, 2016, marshmellow, express

All a- Buzz

black / yellow colour scheme

ascot, ladies day, 2016, bee express co uk

Butterflies are free

‘canoe’ shaped hat with butterfly and flower adornments

ascot, ladies day, 2016, butterfly adorned, express 1


champagne flowing / glass filled

ascot, ladies day, 2016, champagne bottle_glasses, express

Tartan and feathers

ascot, ladies day, 2016, tartan_feathers, express

(photos from express.co.uk)

Her Majesty

Queen Elizabeth II

in melon orange and egg-shell blue

ascot, ladies day, 2016, queen, telegraph

Of national pride

heraldic symbols of Wales:

a fierce dragon and a proud lion

ladies day, asot , 2016, dragon_lion symbols of wales, uk, footie, telegraph

‘Riding to the hounds’

ascot, ladies day, 2016, hound purple_w


a hat of blue / orange plummage

with bird of matching colours a top

ascot, ladies day, 2016, blue_orange feathers, telegraph 100870670_Editorial_use_only_No_merchandising_For_Football_images_FA_and_Premier_League_restrictions-xlarge_trans++kUE_BTgBOQu3VWKvpDGX9Yo2a2KTgFhj3E_9Q4PM37M

(photos from telegraph.co.uk)

For an afternoon tea party

hat of check table-cloth and tiered cake stand

ascot, ladies day, tea tiered caddy, dailymail 355AE61900000578-3644555-A_model_wears_an_afternoon_tea_inspired_hat_with_florentines_fro-a-94_1466096225140

A trio of fascinating fascinators

ascot, ladies day, 2016, trio ornate fascinators

(photos from dailymail.co.uk)