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a word of Greek origin, which translates to mean ‘self’.




In current vernacular, meta- dressing (meta-clothing)

refers to garments with images/words

which directly reference the wearer, a bit of narcissistic fashion-

or with images of symbols, people, words of connection to the wearer.



Apropos synonyms

(as labeled by meappropriatestyle)

‘selfie fashion’

‘narcissistic wear’

‘narcissistic fashion’

‘I’m a celebrity clothing’

(You get the idea!)

Meta – dressing

It’s all about me

Kardashian clan

wearing tee-shirts with image of their mother

meta dressing, kris jenner kiss tee short, worn by daughters, daily mail

Kylie Jenner wears a bandana of self-reference: ‘King Kylie’

meta dressing, king kyle bandana, www

(images from dailymail.uk)

Kanye West wearing

what else?

Kanye West

meta dressing, kanye-west, wetpaintcom

Paris Hilton in selfie fashion

Paris Hilton wears a t-shirt with her own image on it

(images from wetpaint.com)