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For Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week-Tokyo, a / w 2016

Japanese designer, Hiroko Koshino

presented a stellar collection.



Having studied at the prestigious Bunka Fashion College, Tokyo

Ms. Koshino has been a fashion industry factor since the mid-1960s

when she opened her first high-end clothing store in Osaka.


She progressed to show successfully her inspired creations around the world.

Throughout the decades, Ms. Koshino has won a number of awards for

her work in fashion and art.


It is then of no surprise, that her autumn/winter  ’16  runway presentation

was a visual treat, expertly melding:


style influences from various eras

mixed fabrication of luxe textiles

diverse print designs

avant-garde accessories (headwear, jewellery, tights)

In all, a ying yang vibe of complementary contrasts.



Hiroko Koshino

a / w  2016


Bring on the drama

in purple hues

long length cape / crushed velvet trousers

tokyo fw, a16, hiroko koshino, the drama, velvet trousers, cape, purple

Grey matters

light weight knit, body grazing maxi dress

exposed shoulder

large outer pockets at sides

stylised belt

tokyo fw, a 16 hiroko koshino, grey knit runway_00190_xn

Modern Victoriana

elaborate headwear / bold statement neckwear

tokyo fw, a16, hiroko koshino, victorianan inspired

Office stripes

wide pinstripe skirt / matching trousers

pinstripes, mbfashionweek runway

Varied print infusion

wrist to upper arm-cover

fashion fun-tastic tights

tokyo fw, a16, hiroko koshino, mixed prints

Scripted:  and the word is ‘fabulous’

cropped top

“wordy’ print skirt, asymmetric tiers

tokyo fw, a16 hiroko koshino, mbfashionweek, scripted ruffled tiered, runway_00

Trouser suiting

jacket:  bat-winged sleeves

trousers:  slim fit

tokyo fw, hiroko koshino,trouser suiting, slim fit, mbfashionweek

Harness the look

 deconstructed  and bib-like harness vest

tokyo fw, a16, hiroko koshino,harness , mbfashionweek runway

A mix bag

mixed fabrication

(t)  knit / leather accents

(b)  faux fur sleeves / varied texture textiles

tokyo fw, a16, hiroko koshino, mixed fabrication, knit:leather  mbfashionweek runway

tokyo fw,a16, trouser suiting, asymmetric hem faux fur sleeves,

Flapper appeal

A 21st century interpretation of a 1920s fashion statement

tokyo fw, a16, hiroko koshino, flapper appeal,