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Tech-fashion is no longer

an anticipated phenomenon of future

but rather, is a welcomed reality of present.

It is the fruitful union of

technology and fashion resulting in a product-piece

of innovation, function and wearability.




Within this mixed genre of fashion, technology and the ‘what’s next factor’ is

Lechal footwear.

Originally designed, (by Anirudh Sharma)

to assist the sight-impaired,

Lechal shoes guide the wearer to a desired destination:

a ‘GPS-fit’ -type footwear.


The shoes are gender-neutral, sport-lux, sleek-look.





In addition to Lechal shoes,

the navigational feature also comes as in-sole only,

which can be easily placed in any shoe.




Supported by the Lechal app and able to communicate with any smart device

(Android phone, iPhone/iPad, Bluetooth)-

Lechal is ‘smart’ footwear.

Sporting a navigational component (the Lechal app)

boasting a hands-free, device-free, map-free, getting-about experience-

Lechal shoes (in-soles) can chart out a route

to parts familiar or to parts wholly unknown.

Through light vibrations:

to left foot for a left turn

to right foot for a right turn, and so on –

the wearer can focus on appreciation of surroundings

rather than checking directions on a hand-held device or map.






Where the future leads

Lechal ‘smart’ footwear




grey suede with orange trim/stitching

tech shoes, casual suede, grey, mens lechal men venki




red suede with black details

tech footwear, lechal, red suede, ladies, lechalcom samma


brown / black ballerina

tech footwear,  leather ballerinas black_brown, lechal.com sur

Lechal in-soles

tech footwear, insoles, unisex, lechal.com

(images from lechal.com)

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