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Accessories are often the minor,

yet well-curated details

which can add major impact in creating the

unique look of an “higher-concept outfit”.


Incorporate signature accessory-wear and accessory-style

into your 2016  dress directive.

Be inventive

Be original


Have fashion fun with it:  accessorise to-

express yourself and whatever you do

do it good!



Accessory to-do’s / how-to’s

from on runway and off runway fashion

part 2

‘Watch it!

chunky, silver links

accessories, how to, chunky male watch, www

(image from whowhatwear.com)

wrist-watch worn over-sleeve at-wrist

from Ralph Lauren,  a ’16

accessories, how to, wrist watch over wrist sleeve,

(image from vogue uk)


quirky, bright red, hand/finger design brooch

accessories, how to, pin, bright colour hand_fingers, yu yang,

(photo by before sunrise)

From finger tips to armpit

elongated gloves

from Hermes,  a ’16

accessories, how to gloves to armpit, hermes a16, vogue uk

(image from vogue uk)

Text flex

texting gloves with touchscreen sensitive fingers

from Urban outfitters

accessories, how to,texting gloves,  leather gloves with touchscreen-compatible index fingers, urbanoutfitters

(from urbanoutfitters.com)

In the bag!

belt bag

from Celine,  a  ’16

accessories, how to, belt bag, a 16, celine, phoebe philo

(image from vogue uk)

rainbow tassel bag

from Chloe

accessories, how to,  bag, chloe, rainbow tassel bag,elle uk

(image from elle uk)

big colour,  big fringe detail

accessories, how to, bag, fringe green, www

(image from whowhatwear)

large faux fur clutch

from Christian Wijnants

accessories, how to, gloves, fur clutch, christian wijnants, vogue

(image from vogue uk)

gold medallion hand-held

dimensional, facial details

accessories, how to gold medallion purse, sun dial, vogue uk

(photo by Soren Jepsen)

Brolly hut

room for two

clear, bubble umbrella

accessories, how to, brolly, clear, bubble, photo by imaxtree

(photo from imaxtree)


when more is more and less is less

one on every finger

accessories, how to, rings, urbanspot

(photo by the urbanspotter)

one large statement-maker

accessories, how to, big statement ring, elle uk

(image from elle uk)

Fancy footwear

sparkly silver ankle boots with lemon yellow heels

(the flora / fauna applique, chain strap bag is definitley worth a mention!)

accessories, how to, sparkly silver boots, ornate bag, elle uk street-style-milan-fashion-week-day-6-imaxtree_0667__large

(photo from imaxtree)

Sunny delight

OTT, baroque-inspired, ornate gold sunnies

from Dolce & Gabbana,  s/s  ’16

accessories, how to, large ornate sunnies, dolce and gabbana

(image from vogue uk)

Sock fashion

large hole pattern fishnet socks

accessories, how to, holey socks, vogue

delicate, top turn-over anklets with lace trim

paired with utility-styled lace up ankle boots

accessories, how to, anklets, vogue

(photos by Soren Jepsen)