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Accessories are often the minor,

yet well-curated details

which can add major impact in creating the

unique look of an “higher-concept outfit”.




Incorporate signature accessory-wear and accessory-style

into your 2016  dress directive.

Be inventive

Be original


Have fashion fun with it:  accessorise to-

express yourself and whatever you do

do it good!

Accessory to-do’s / how-to’s

from on runway and off runway fashion


Neck adornments re-defined

from Alexander Wang, a ’16

belt it

accessories, how to wear it, belt necklace, alexander wang 16

Neckwear novelty

cinched in waist with corset belting

from Prada, a ’16

(a)  metal made:  neck piece of vintage keys and focal point rose

at waist:  corsetted in fabric and leather

accessories, how to, sailor cap, necklace with skull keys, garter, denim garter belt, Prada, vogue

(b)  metal made:  clasped book neck piece adorned with celestial pieces

at waist:  loose corsetting

accessories, how to, purse worn around neck, 'garter belt, parda f16, _ARC0012_426x639

(images from vogue uk)


leather choker with rings and things

a bit of an S & M attitude

accessories, how to, S_M leather choker, urbanspo

(photo by the urbanspotter)

scarf of colourful prints

simply tied / knotted

accessories, how to, scarf tied at neck, ladies, before sunrisetumbl

(photo from before sunrise)

Eyewear straps

from Balenciaga,  a ’16

chunky chain in primary colour green

ccessories, how to, eyewear chain, green, large link, balenciaga, vogue

Worn on top

Head gear

from Moschino,  a ’16

ogle the goggles

accessories, mfw f16, goggles on top, Moschino,

(images from vogue uk)

head band

and a lot more going on

large faux fur stole / fringe detail bag

accessories, how to, headbands, vogue 07-street-chic-soren-jepsen

a princess:  every-wear / every-day

crowned with a tiara

accessories, how to, tiara, vogue uk 26-street-style-paris-soren-jepsen-4mar16-vogue-

(photos by Soren Jepsen)

knit top / high top

accessory, how to, high top knit hat, www the-latest-street-style-photos-from-milan-fashion-week

(image from whowhatwear)

Bandana – a –  rama

bandana scarfs

the long and short  of it

(under coat and tied to handbag)

accessories, bandana a rama, long length, vogue

accessories, how to, black long bandana, vogue

accessories, bandana scarf tied to bag, vogue uk

Anklets angles

the sock reign continues

accessories, how to, anklets, vogue 03-street-chic-soren-jepsenaccessories, how to, anklets, vogue 03-street-chic-soren-jepsenaccessories, how to, anklets, vogue 03-street-chic-soren-jepsen

(photos by Soren Jepson)

Faux fur perspectives

one-shoulder stoles

(a)  from MSGM, a ’16

accessories, how to, blue faux fur shoulder throw, MSGM, vogue

(b)  from Gabriele Colangelo, a ’16

accessories, how to, faux fur one shoulder  throw_ribbon tie, gabriele colangelo,

oversized, faux fur clutch

from Christian Wijnants, a ’16

accessories, how to, gloves, fur clutch, christian wijnants, vogue 27-christian-wijnants-fall-2016

long length fuzzy wuzzy belt

from Michael Kors

accessories, how to, faux fur long belt, michale kors collection a16, vogue uk

‘Hand it over’

(a)  gloves to under arm

from Hermes,  a ’16

accessories, how to gloves to armpit, hermes a16, vogue uk

(b)  one arm gauntlet

from Jacquemus,  a ’16

  pfw, a16, jacquemus, asymmetric elements, vogue

(images from vogue uk)