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With a celebrity following which include such names as

the oft flamboyantly attired  songtress, Lady Gaga

and style conscious actor, Don Johnson-

hats by Horisaki Design & Handel

are for those who seek to achieve the look of a “high-concept outfit”.

The creative talent behind the Horisaki Design & Handel label

is husband and wife duo:  Karin and Makoto Horisaki

who produce their singular and innovative headwear

in the rustic lands of southern Sweden.

Theirs is cool-vibe melding of design perspectives

true to Scandinavian and Japanense influences:

uncomplicated, minimal, modern, accessible.

The hats from Horisaki Design & Handel collections include

a variety of types, textures, shapes:

bowlers, fedoras, caps, bucket and more.

All with an unique, innovative twist.

All handcrafted from natural materials.

All inspired by elements of the rugged Swedish countryside.

All with an awesome agender attitude.

Heads up!

Hats by

Horisaki Design & Handel

horisaki, hats, horisaki.com ladies3broms

(image from horisaki.com)

brown, distressed, top hat

horisaki hats, distressed top hat, lyst.com -design-handel-brown-distressed-top-hat-product-

grey felt fedora

horisaki-hats, furry felt, lyst.com design-handel-gray-furry-felt-hat-product

country rolled-up edge

horisaki-hats, felt hat in brown, lyst.com audesign-handel-brown-elevated-felt-hat-product

(images from lyst.com)

horisaki, hats, hat on model, lady, ink361.com

(image from ink361.com)

floppy top

horisaki-hats, distressed felt hat in pink, lyst.com design-handel-pink-distressed-felt-hat-product

(images from lyst.com)

wide rim straw

horisaki-hats, wide brim, straw, shopaccessoriesde.com

(image from shopaccessoriesde.com)

high-boy bowler

black with contrasting white wide-widith band

horisaki- hats, high top_wide band, lyst design-handel-black-contrasting-band-hat-

(image from lyst.com)

hirosaki, hats, on model, lady, 24thofaugustosakajapan.tumblr.com tumblr_

(image from 24thofaugustosakajapan.com)

black, wide brimmed

horisaki-hats, wide brim black, lyst,co.uk design-handel-black-wide-brim

bucket hat

orisaki-hats, bucket hat, lyst.comdesign-

tan cowboy

horisaki, hats,  felt hat beige, lyst design

horisaki, hats, union soldier cap, leather, black,

(image from horisaki.com)

crumpled cap

horisaki-hats, curmpled felt, tan, usmenaccessories.com design-handel-crumpled-felt-cap

(image from usmenaccessories.com)