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Kyoto, Japan


Seat of the imperial government from 794 AD to 1869

The name translates as  “capital of peace and tranquility”


A magnificent city, abound with tradition

Manicured, ornamental Zen gardens with raked pebbles

Buddhist temples

Shinto shrines

Architectural treasures spared from bombings during WWII

Gion district where the seductive art of the geisha still flourishes

Traditional kimono, worn everyday by men and women

Unique, delicious local Kyoto cuisine


A fascinating city

Modern influences and ancient traditions in juxtaposition

An accessible city

A walking city

A welcoming / helpful local citizenry

A  serene, unhurried, meditative experience




Kyoto:  city of intense, wonderful contradictions

ど うもありがとうございます
Doumo arigatou gozaimasu
Thank you very much

A Walk-about

Kyoto, Japan

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