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Fashion-speak is a living language,

ever evolving to better describe

dress images presented

And the word is



hair’dro’gy’ny (n)

1.   as referenced from InStyle magazine, March 2016-

hairdrogyny is part of an emerging, positive societal attitude of

gender fluidity

2.  hair fashion no longer defined by gender:

“buzz cuts” for women

“man-buns” for men

 3.    a perspective of non-gender specificity

Related words / terms:


gender neutral


Ladies:  the buzz-cut

hair fashion, buzz cuts, women, stylesweekly F

hair fashion, buzz-cut. women, thebeautyinsiders.com

hair fashion, Buzz-Cut-Women, short-hairstyles.co

(top to bottom:  images from stylesweekly.com,

thebeautyinsiders.com, hairstyles.com)

Men:  the man-bun

hair fashion, man bun, dailylife.com.au hair fashion, man bun, nytimes.com hair fashion, Man-bun the guardian.com

(top to bottom:  images from dailylife.com.au, thenytimes.com,