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London called.

London delivered:


fashion innovation

fashion dynamism

fashion idiosyncratic

fashion a bit weird and wonderful








Runway run-away favourites from

London Fashion Week  a / w ’16 (19-23rd February)




from Marques Almeida


 ‘puffed up’ puffer jacket

asymmetric/fringed denim dress

lfw, a16, marques almeida, puffer_ denim combo, vogue

from 1205


clean line, ease, flow, jewel hue

fw, f16, 1205, simplicity, clean lines, vogue_

from Gareth Pugh

Old Hollywood Star Factor

double breast,  long length coat,  trouser suiting

lfw f16, gareth pugh, joan crawford goes travelling, vogue

from Sadie Williams

Ground Control

silver-a-glitter hatchling neck top, A-line puffer skirt

futuristic, fabric mix

lfw, f 16, sadie williams, a-line puffer skirt, vogue uk

from Simone Rocha

Vicky Victoriana

veiled skirt suiting

tweed, lace, embellishments

lfw, f16, simone rocha, victoriana, vogue

from Toga

Held up by Shoulder Straps

mis-matched faux fur sleeves

lfw, f16, Toga, faux fur sleeves held up by braces, vogue

from Haizhen Wang

Of Oversized Proportions

super length sleeves

asymmetric/raw hem tunic

in men’s suiting fabric and exposed stitch detail

lfw, f16, Haizhen wang, of exaggerated porportions, ss sleeves, exposed stitchig detail, vouge

from AF Vandevorst

Mixed print / Mixed fabrication

houndstooth jacket

copper metallic print pleated skirt / matching trousers

lfw, f16, AF Vandevorst, hoodstooth, pleat, metallic print, vogue

from Ashish

Color commit, h – t

bold shimmer and shine orange citrus statement

lfw, f16,  ashish, colour commit, shine sparkle, vogue

from Bora Asku

On the Prairie

ripple ruffles and faux fur

lfw, f 16, Bora_Asku,modern praire, vogue uk_

from Sibling

Star Spangled Onesie

charcoal shimmer bodysuit

matching headpiece

knit / fluffy edged accessories

lfw, f16, sparkly onesie, sibling vogue uk

from Mary Katrantzou

A Lady-like Take

plentiful ‘print-ful’

pencil skirts and scarves

lfw 16, may katrantzou, lady like skirts_scarfs, vogue

from Margo

Trouser suiting Twist

trousers with ripple effect side seam stream

two-tone hairy footwear

lfw, a16, Margo, trouser wave effect seams,

from Peter Pilotto


hatchling neck light knit top with Nordic-inspired imagery

silk movement long length with trousers underneath

lfw f16, peter pilotto, christopher vos, nordic imagery, vogue_

from Fyodor Golan

Lemon / Lime Bright

a mix bag

citric hues, faux fur, prints

lfw, f16, fyodor golan, faux fur, bright colours, mix fab, vogue uk

from JW Anderson

A Nod to Nature

light ivory skirt with stacked tulip petal design effect

deep ivory bell-shaped top / bell-shaped sleeves

with line hatching details to neck, sleeves, sides

lfw, f16, JW Anderson, stacked tulip petal

from Tata Naka

A bit of whimsy

butterscotch-brown hue leather skirt suit

3/4 length sleeve cropped jacket

with fanciful mushroom-shaped applique

high-low to the side, zig-zag cut pencil skirt

lfw, f16, tata naka, vogue

from Typical Freaks

Urban Vibe

black/pink colour story

graffiti/camo effect print

lfw, f16, graffiti urban, Typical_Freaks,

from House of Holland

‘Right back at ya’

intent:  ‘fashion is fun’ ensemble

focal point:  tee-shirt image of girl sticking out her tongue

lfw, f16, house of holland, fashion not to be taken too serioulsy, t shirt- girl stickint out tongue,

from Roksanda

Graphics and Mixed Fabrication

feminine feel

top / coordinated long length pencil skirt

purples, blues, greys colour emphasis

colour panel faux fur capelet

graphic statement skirt

lfw, f16, roksanda, purples, faux fur, mixed fabrication, graphic vogue_

(images from vogue uk)