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Designer, Jaeha-Alex Kim

was born in South Korea where he spent his formative years.

At age ten, his family immigrated to New Zealand.

Demonstrating a pronounced talent in fashion design

he presented his first collection at only 21 years old,

during New Zealand Fashion Week (2007).



designer,  Jaeha-Alex Kim

jaeha, designer , portrait, youtube

(image from youtube)


His collection was received with thunderous accolade and much media attention.

Jaeha- Alex Kim was hailed as a most promising talent:

a one to watch.


His design perspective is that of risk-taker:

innovative, inspired/inspirational.

Yet, his clothes have the welcomed quality

of wearability, of fashion access.





For New York Fashion Week,  a/w  2016,

he presented a collection true to his spirit of inventiveness

featuring a modern silhouette to trouser design, which

draws the eye down to new point of interest on the garment:

the hem redefined.




‘Hemmed’ in


 -a trouser focal point of long length sculptural intention

-hems that lay flat across the shoe

in a shape reminiscent of a ‘duckbill’



Incorporate the ‘duckbill’ trouser hem into your

a/w 2016  wardrobe as signature piece:

NYFW, JAEHA_AW16_Look15, new perspective on trouser hems, vogue uk_NYFW, JAEHA_AW16_Look3, new perspective on trouser hems vogue ukNYFW a16, JAEHA_AW16 new perspective on trouser

(images from vogue uk)