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Fashion-speak is a living language,

ever evolving to better describe

dress images presented

And the term is

Canadian tuxedo






Ca’na’di’an / Tux’e’do   (n)

1.  an outfit with a denim-on-denim style directive

2.  denim suiting:  jacket with trousers and/or skirt

3   the origins of the term “Canadian tuxedo” dates back

to 1951 when Hollywood actor/crooner Bing Crosby

was denied entrance into a hotel in Canada,

which had a strict dress-code.

Mr. Crosby and a friend,  both dressed in denim from head-to-toe

were at first restricted from entry, but were later admitted when the

management realised his celebrity status.

Denim company Levi Strauss heard of the incident and designed a

“tuxedo” denim jacket just for Mr. Crosby so that he would never again

be denied entrance into a smart establishment for wearing denim.



Canadian Tuxedo

denim dimension from all angles

Bing Crosby

wears the original Canadian tuxedo jacket

canadian tux, bing crosby, levistrausscom

(image from levistrauss.com)

Back in the day

A younger Justin Timberlake styled in Canadian tux lux

canadian tux, justin timberlake, reddit.com

(image from reddit.com)

A modern take

kimono-esque jacket, cinched at waist

skinny denim trousers

Canada tux. denim on denim. vogue.fr

(image from vogue.fr)