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To indulge in coordinating an outfit

solely in a particular colour and its shade variants,

wearing little if any other hue

in a head – to – toe single colour bias

is to ‘colour commit’.

Monochrome-wear is a visual treat:

an exploration of a single colour

and its light / dark tonal qualities.

For added sensory depth and textural impact,

fabric mix a colour commit dress statement.

Ready.  Set.   Colour Commit:

Choose a single colour for a single outfit.

Wear it in mix fabrication (leather, wool, cotton, silk, etc.)

Stick to it from h to t (head to toe) all in one go!


Styled:  colour commit


All in grey:  ‘groutfit’

with graphic detail

colour commit, men, grey_graphic, thetrendspotter, Street-Style-Milan-Autumn-Winter-2016

(photo from the trendspotter)

modern three-piece suiting

men, colour commit, grey

(image from fashionising)

Red said

olour commit, lady, red trouser suit, photo by diego zuko

(photo by Diego Zuko)

color commit, red, men, thousand yard style

(photo from thousand yard style)

colour commit, ladies, red brick, hair, lips, coat, wmagazine,  Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-

(photo by Adam Katz Sinding)

colour commit, burgundy, lady, trouser suit_ shoes, diego zuko

(photo by Diego Zuko)

Reds and Pinks Link

colour commit, pinks, reds, ladies, w mag Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Paris-Mens-Fashion-Week-Fall-Winter-2016-2017

colour commit, ladies, pinks_reds, w magazine AKS

(photos by Adam Katz Sinding)

Browns:  chocolate / mustard

colour commit, mustard brown, browns, men, thetrendspotter.net

(photo from the trendspotter)

In a ‘blue’ mood

colour commit, lady, blue.patterns, diego zuko

colour commit, lady, blue, diego zuko

Taupe is “dope” –

that’s a good thing!

men, colour commit, taupe

(image from fashionising)

Wearing whites for all seasons

colour commit, men, winter whites, w magazine Le-21eme-Adam-Katz-Sinding

(photo by Adam Katz Sinding)

color commit, men, white shirt_trouser, blush pink blazer, thousandyardstyle

(photo from thousand yard style)

A green scene

fabrication mix:  cotton, wool, leather


colour commit, lady, green, diego zuko