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As men’s clothing fashion continues on a revolutionary, rocket-pace trajectory

so too does men’s creative hairstyling

which has kept a-pace with design of avant-garde attire.

In addition to innovative haircuts

another aspect of expressing  original men’s hair fashion is

the application of hair colour which is

fun, bright   anything but natural shade.



Gents, it’s a rainbow world!



Turquoise Green Scene

hair, colour, men, mens-hairstyle.com

(image from men’s-hairstyle.com)

A Ginger Top

hair, colour, men, ginger, black, before sunrise

(photo from before sunrise)

Lilac Tresses

hair, color, men, lilac, menhairstylepins.net-

(image from menshairstylepins.net)


platinum top, grey sides

hair, colour, men, platinum, asian, before sunrise

(photo from before sunrise)

 Brown with Yellow / Green  Interspaced Between

hair, colour, men, yellow_green, hji.co.uk

(image from hji.co.uk)

Colour / Cut   Precision

hair, men, colour, colour_cut precision mens-hairstyle.com

(image from men’s-hairstyle.com)

Frosted Tips

hair, men, colour, frosted tips, hji.co.uk,

(image from hji.co.uk)

Flat-topped in Blue Hue

hair, blue, Black-Men, mens-hairstyle.com

(image from men’s-hairstyle.com)

‘While at it … add vibrant colour to the beard!”

hair, colour, men, boredpanda.com hair_beards .merman-colorful-beard-hair-dye-men-trend-

(image from boredpanda.com)