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There has always been a certain love affair

between furniture and the space occupied

a creation of a seemingly effortless, yet well-considered look / feel

of objects nestling comfortably in a defined setting.


This synergy generated from an intimacy of furniture

in sync with the encompassing architecture

is represented in the design concept of

furnitecture (furniture + architecture).


What is furnitecture?


a design scope through which furniture is viewed / experienced as:


fitting naturally, almost organically into a specific space

structured with multi-perspective, multi-purpose intent

crafted with minimalist aesthetic attitude in materials and construction

manufactured with architectural elements incorporated into the core design


Furnitecture:  a concept of living spaces

Artelier House

by Italian designer, Harry Thaler

privacy within a confined space

furnitecture, studio house, by harry thaler.it, urnitecture, studio house, dezeencom Atelierhouse-by-Studio-Harry-Thaler_

(images from harrythaler.it and dezeen.com)

Heterogenous functionality

from Belgian design group Muller Van Severen

multi-layered construction

multi-layered use

furnitecture, instarank24.de 1

(image from instarank24.de)


from the Kristalia Design Group, Italy

modular bookcases

or varied storage needs

furnitecture, blio, bookcases woontcom Kristalia-Blio-

furnitecutre, Blio-Kristalia, woont.com

(images from woont.com)

Growth Table

from architects Iris Anna Regn and Tim Durfee (Los Angeles)

 harmonious co-existence at each stage of life

furnitecture, growth table, intergeneraltional community durfeeregncom

(image from durfeeregn.com)


by Italian designer, Giocomo Moor

furnitecture, metropolis, giocomo moor, designboomcom

furnitecture, giocomo moor, domusweb.it,

(images from designboom.com and domusweb.it)

by Belgian designer, Maarten De Ceulaer

Mutation Series


organic multiplication

urnitecture, maarten deceulaercom, chair, mutatation series,

 furnitecture, dezeencom_Mutation-by-Maarten-De-Ceulaer-

(images from maartendeceulaer. com and dezeen.com)



the world compartmentalized

furnitecture, chest of suitcases, by maarten deceulaer

furniteture, pile of suitcases, marten deceulaercom

Study Table

from Studio MAKS and Pang Architects for the Chinese University Library

‘get into the flow of things’

furnitecture-furniture-that-transforms-space, cooperative work tables

(image from askmen.com)


translates from Japanese as

design and manufacturing, which blends traditional and modern aspects

from Fumihiko Sano (architectural firm, Japan)

furnitecture, en yu-an, archdailycom furnitecture, en yu-An, archdailycom


For further reading:

Furnitecture, (Thames & Hudson) by design writer Anna Yudina