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Organised bi-annually

London Collections:  Men

showcases the out-of-the-ordinary inventiveness

that has steadfastly remained the ‘fabric’ of British fashion.


Presented at LC:M  a/w 2016,  (8 – 11 January 2016)

were varied design elements of

fashion humour

fashion fun

fashion conceptualisation

fashion think-out-of-the-box, “why don’t ‘ya?”,  nudges


London Collections:  Men

autumn 2016

On runway:  a few of my Favlook-Lookfav Favourites


from Moschino

by designer, Jeremy Scott

A DC comic character reference:

channeling the Joker

colour-bursts of seismic porportions

LCM, a16, moschino, marvel comic character, channeling the joker, vogue_

LCM, moschino, marvel comic, vogue

from designer, J. W. Anderson

Knitwear:   jumper/trouser set in olive-green

LCM, a16,olive  knit set, j.w. anderson, voguecom


A modern stitch on the granddad cardi

oversized, slouchy, slashes

LCM, slouchy oversized grandpa cardi, j.w. anderson, voguecom

from designer, Astrid Andersen

Mixed fabrication

an olive-green scene

LCM, astrid andersen, green mixed fabrication, voguecom

from designer, Nasir Mazhar

AiB (All in Black) conception

outer limits spacesuiting

LCM, a 16, nasir mazhar, aib,total cover, concept

LCM, a16, aib, nasir mazhar, voguecom

from Topman Design

Of varied textural tendencies:

crushed velvet, silk,  knitwear

in delicious raspberry red and rich chocolate brown

LCM, topman design, mixed fabrication, crushed velvet, voguecom

LCM, topman design, a16, crushed velvet suiting, chocolate brown, voguecom

from designer, Craig Green

‘Laced up and Strapped in’

LCM, lace up, craig green, voguecom

LCM, a16, strapped in, craig green, voguecom

by Sarah Burton

for Alexander McQueen

Chain reaction

as facial jewellery and clothing accessory

LCM, alexander mcqueen, all in chains, voguecom

Tiger of Sweden

Colour-rific casual suiting

(t)  blush champagne

(b)  cantaloupe orange

LCM, casual suiting, blush champagne, tiger of sweden, a16, voguecom  _ARC0694

LCM, casual suiting, tiger of sweden, cantaloupe orange, voguecom _

from the wild wonderful whacky world of the design team at


Sumo wrestler / boxing prize-fighter compilation

in fashion fun knitwear (Sibling’s tried and true signature fabrication)

LCM, a16, boxer_sumo wrestler integration, sibling, a16, voguecom

LCM, a16, sibling, wrestler cardi, voguecom _LCM, a16, boxing_sumo integration, sig. knit fabrication, voguecom _

from Agi and Sam

by design duo,  Agi Mdumulla and Sam Cotton 

 Overcoat in green colour hues

colour block / pocket details

LCM, overcoat, green W_  colour block, agi and sam, voguecom

(images from vogue.com)