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David Bowie

née David Robert Jones

was arguably one of the greatest innovative voices

in the music industry.

An impressive career, which spanned decades

he was a chameleon creative:

ever-changing, ever-inventing, ever-shocking.



What was predictable, was his celebrated unpredictability:

his music which, fused different styles/genres of musicality and

his image which, resonated agender aspect.



The Ziggy Stardust era

  david bowie, king of rock and rouge, fanpopcom ziggy-stardust-ziggy-stardust

(image from fanpop.com)


His on and off stage clothing aesthetics was focus of the exhibition

David Bowie Is

which was curated/staged in 2013 at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.


He was an avant-garde pop artist

a provocative meld of actor/musician

assuming varied personae, distinguished by specific fashion

as headline to promote the varied tales of his life musical journey.

His was a multi-sensuous approach to his craft,

a visual and sound extravaganza.

David Bowie

(8 January 1947 – 10 January 2016)

david bowie, portrait, polygoncom

(image from polygon.com)

His recently released album


is the final work of a master artist

whose sound

whose look

will no doubt, continue to influence for generations to come