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Short cuts are staple hair fashion for men.

Yet, with precision styling and product application

a ho-hum look can easily be transformed into

a hot-diggity awesome ‘do.





consider welcoming in the new year with a new hair fashion feature.






Long side fringe on the diagonal


men, hair fashion, fringe_beard, menshairstyletrends

(image from menshairstyletrends.com)


Tip front lift and deep side part

Mens, hair fashion, classic, carsviewers.xyz

men, hair fashion, side part, hairstylespapacom -hairstyle-side-part

(images from t – b:  carsviewers.xyz and hairstylespapa.com)




Textured short layering

men, hair fashion, hairstylesvillacom T

(image from hairstylestylesvilla.com)



Curly top, ‘fade’ through

men, hair fashion, Fade-, curl on top,





Comb back and lift

men, hair fashion, comb back and lift, hairstylespapacom

(images from hairstylepapa.com)



Grand pompadour

men, hair fashion, fade_pompadour, menshairstyletrendscom

Pompadour pumped and lined

men, hair fashion, menhairstyletrendscom braidbarbers_high-lo-fade-medium-pompadour

(images from menshairstyletrends.com)



A bit of ginger heat

precision:  lined and outlined cut

men, hair fashion, ginger, black hair, menshairtyletrendscom

(image from menshairstyletrends.com)


Short and to the point

mens, hair fashion, short to the point, mens-hairstylistscom

(image from men-hairstylist.com)


Top heavy waves

men, hair fashion, pophaircutcom

(image from pophaircut.com)