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Ankle socks of varying textures

worn with heeled shoes of varying details-

solidly remain a wow-factor,  fashion fabulous feature

which will continue to reign supreme well into 2016.




I am totally an enthusiast of this footwear pairing:

flirty,  playful,  whimsical

of a visual interest

of added dress dimension

of styling versatility

of the mode

the sock / heeled shoe combination is of this season

and the next, and the next.




Consider a few style sass options as staple wardrobe wearables-

incorporate as a signature look.




Socks and Heels

all grown up

A close up …

dark grey socks worn just past ankle

burgundy-red pointed toe, ankle strap stilettos

sock fashion, use, greys, red stap heel shoes, vogue.com holding-socks-for-different-occasions


… and in full view

the total ensemble

black/white speckled knit top with wide side split

accordion pleat mid length skirt

burgundy-red faux fur muff

vintage bag with rose design / tassels

sock fashion, greys, red shoes, full image photo by ShotByGiocom

(images from vogue.com and shotbygio.com)

Elevated heights

dark brown tube socks with toffee brown hue stripes at top

tri-colour, exposed toe platform shoes

sock fashion, www the-right-way-to-wear-socks-with-open-toe-shoes-

(image from whowhatwear)

Heel clicking

ruby-red stiletto pumps and white anklets

sock fashion, socks and heels, glamour.com

(image from glamour.com)

Sock and Trouser Fashion

“reunited and it feels (looks) so good!”

sheer strawberry-red anklets / black pumps ; rolled hem trousers

sock fashion, burgundy sheer socks, black stiletto pumps, socks-and-shoes-pumps-baggy-pants-via-whowhatwear

(image from whowhatwear)

Sock and shoe colour coordination

sock fashion, orange_turquoise blue socks and shoes, closetfulofshoes.com

(image from closetfullofshoes)

A Jungle Fever

cream chroma

tan/black animal print shoes and black socks

sock fashion, creme outfit, lookbook,nu

(image from lookbook.nu)

Plaid perfection pairing

with chunky socks and heels

sock fashion, www, the-right-way-to-wear-socks-with-open-toe-shoes-

(image from whowhatwear)

Stripey and Shiny

moss-green and sandstone-brown twirl socks

chunky wood heeled sandals with wide patent straps

compliment a casual look:

long length mid-wash denim skirt with contrast hem

boxy fit, dark brown cropped leather jacket

sock fashion, www, the-right-way-to-wear-socks-with-open-toe-shoes-

(image from whowhatwear)

Boardroom appropriate

mustard, grey, black colour story

sock fashion, grey sock, mustard shoes, closetfulofclothes, socks-and-shoes-f

(image from closetfullofclothes)

Heels and Jeans

bunched grey socks paired with metallic blue/silver T-strappy heeled sandals

sock fashion, jeans, grey sock, metallic blue_silver strapped heels, gettyimages.com

(image from gettyimages.com)

Fun fashion

sock fashion, red socks_black stilettos, trendycrew.com

(image from trendyimage.com)

Sports Luxe

the Nike check in black and white

and wow-statement shoes

sock fashion, nike sports sock, on point outfit, glamradar.com

sock fashion, white nike socks, red statement shoes, closetfulofclothes, socks-and-shoes-nymag

(images from glamradar.com, closetfullofclothes)