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Is there a new look of a Santa to come?

Is the image of ‘ye ole Santa Claus’, one of Christmas past?

Is Santa of Christmas present evolving into

an avant garde fashionisto?


It may well be so-

at least at the Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, Canada

where for the last two years, this shopping centre has employed

fashion model, Paul Mason as its Santa Claus.

Mr. Mason is anything but,  a traditional Mr. Claus.



Santa Claus as more commonly envisioned:

The ‘chimney entrance and exit’  jolly, chubby man

in red suit and stocking cap

wide width black belt / shiny gold buckle

with bag filled with toys

santa-claus, vintage santa, fineartamerica.com

(image from fineartamerica.com)


The  Santa Claus of the Yorkdale Mall, Toronto Canada

as portrayed by Paul Mason is

high fashion attired

slim build

elegantly coiffed

and exudes a bit of ‘bad boy’ attitude

definitely a Sartorial Santa-

a bit of the naughty mixed with the nice.


Sartorial Santa

A modern interpretation of a classic icon

Paul Mason

a Sartorial Santa for a Couture Christmas

appearing this holiday season at The Yorkdale Mall, Toronto Canada

satorial santa, gqcom fashion-santa-toronto

(image from gq.com)

Paul Mason

A Trapper John-esque Sartorial Santa

satorial santa, journal-news.com

(image from journal-news.com)

Paul Mason

A new vision on red/white Santa suiting:

white coat/ trousers, red accessories

red high top trainers

a ‘monster face’ hand-held carrier (not a sack in sight!)

satorial santa, gq fashion-santa-2015

(image from gq.com)

Yet, there remains something quite endearing about

the traditional images of Santa Claus and “jolly ole St. Nicholas”.

Vintage  Santas

St.  Nicolas

Greek bishop who became

a 4th century saint

renown for his secret gift giving

became the standard on which Santa Claus is modelled

feast day is 6 December

santa claus, vintage santa, st_nicolas, wall.org

 (image from wall-org.com)

In traditional Finnish costume

santa claus, traditional finnish costume. kids.britannica.com

(image from kids-britannica.com)

santa claus, traditional santa, inspirational-quotes-cafe.com

(image from inspirational-quotes-cafe.com)

Loved and anticipated by children

santa claus, traditional santa, palestiniansurprises.com 20110126102558_1_3086593286_d2187f843e

(image from palestiniansurprises.com)

Surely,  there is room for additional Santa variants.

With this year’s repeat appearance of Sartorial Santa,

these new ‘Santas’ are not necessarily kiddie focused,

but are geared more towards adult audience appeal.



Ho!  Ho!  Ho-ttie!

satorial santa, 365news.biz

(image from 365news.biz)