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Fashion-speak is a living language,

ever evolving to better describe

dress images presented

And the word is



lamp-sha’ding (adj.)


  1.   coined by PopSugar, an on-line fashion, beauty, entertainment magazine

used to describe the silhouette

reminiscent of a floor lamp with slender pole and wide shade-

formed when wearing over-the-knee boots with a

single, loose-fit, broad hemline garment which hits at the boot top.


2.  a winter wear,  on-trend look for 2015

clean lines, simple styling, oversized top, long-length boots



The lampshading effect

lampshading, greigemarket.com over-the-Knee-boots

(image from greigemarket.com)


fashionspeak, lampshading, over knee boot, single loose fit top, thefashionspot.com p

(image from thefashionspot.com)