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The cold weather has arrived.  Brrrr!

How to keep warm

while looking fashion-forward fab,  remains a perennial dilemma.

Oversized scarves, neck mufflers, plankets, roll top jumpers

have been chic go-to favourites for providing added upper body warmth,

until now.


For the chilly temp season,

inject a modern element into winter wardrobe choices.

Consider an avant-garde fashion piece

the ‘puffer’ collar by Italian label, Masnada:

style statement insulation

front zipper closure with two-way zip detail

Gotta have it!




The ‘puffer’ collar by Masnada

puffer collar, masnada, italian brand, eizenstein.uk


(image from eizenstein.com)


A signature accessory to enhance a signature look

 puffer collar, masnada, from oukan.de

(image from oukan.de)