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Meet fine leather accessories designer

Tommaso Cecchi de’Rossi-


(image from cisiamobcc.it):

cecchi de rossi, handbag designer, portrait, cisiamobcc.it, portrait, tommaso-cecchi-de-rossi_borse

In studio

accessories designer,  Tommaso Cecchi de’Rossi

Born in the Tuscan commune of Pistoia-

Sr. de’Rossi innovates in creating stand out handbag pieces of


exceptional quality leather

innovative shapes

singular characteristics

vintage vision

staple colours of grey, stone, sage green

natural tints from wine infusion

limited quantity

agender sensibilities


The finished product gives new meaning to the term “arm candy”-

delectably worth the indulgence.

“The morphic plisse bag”

rectangular shape when flat

domed when filled with pleats pronounced

cecchi de rossi, stone morphic plisse bag, archivesf.com

(image from archivesf.com)


cecchi de rossi, rectangular backpack, farfetch

(image from farfetch)

“Tri-zip back pack”

zipper detail

soft grey hue outer shell

interior of bright orange contrast colour

bucket-esque shape with over flap


cecchi de rossi, tri zip back pack archivesf.comcecchi de rossi, tri zip backpack, top, archivesf

“L – shopping armour bag”

grey shadings

circle cutout

worn at shoulder or carry in hand

cecchi de rossi, L-shopping armor bag, archivesf.com 2

Totally S – factor

A spacious and stylish carry-all

cecchi de rossi, shoulder bag , archivesf.com

(images from archivesf.com)

Bag with geometric cut out handle

quiet quirky element

in steel grey and in red finish overtones

cecchi de rossi, medium handle bag, pnp firenze.com

cecchi de rossi, bag, pnp-firenze.com

cecchi de rossi, small handle bag, pnp-firneze.com

(images from pnp-firenze.com)

Reference:  vintage inspiration

medicine bag zip-top opening

worn-look effect

straps for shoulder carry

cecchi de rossi, a_w 2013, vogue.it

(image from vogue italia)

Cross body bag

draw string pleat detail at sides

cecchi de rossi, , bag, cross body, pnp-firenze.com

(image from pnp-firenze.com)