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The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), NYC

is a state school of higher education.

Founded in 1944, it remains one of the premier centres for

study in fashion and design.

Renown alumni include, among others-

the designers Michael Kors, Francisco Costa, Nanette Lepore.


The Museum at FIT is recognised for its informative and innovative exhibitions-

well worth a visit for all interested in fashion design-

highlighting historical perspectives and future vision.

The upcoming show

Denim:  Fashion Frontier

(1 December 2015 – 7 May 2016)

will examine the import of denim wear

from its origins as labour apparel for its sturdy quality

to high-fashion attire and mainstay fabrication for its versatility.

Denim as work-wear

American miners, 19th century

denim history, 1800 MINERS, urbanoutfitters, co.uk

(image from urbanoutfitters uk)


Denim as fashion / style statement maker

denim on denim ensemble

jacket / wide leg trousers wtih fringe details

denim wear, fringe hem to jacket pocket and trouser hem, ladies, vogue uk


(image from vogue uk)


Denim:  Fashion Frontier

Museum at the Fashion Institue of Technology (FIT) – NYC

1 December 2015 – 7 May 2016