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For WW (winter wardrobe)  2015

embrace supersize me fashion

go chunky jumper for a big, bold knitwear statement.




(images from w magazine)


knitwear, chunky, wmag sweater-weather

Cream, cable knit, copious sleeve hem

knitwear, chunky, wmag-trend-

Textural, dolman sleeves, bow at shoulder detail

(photo from the trendspotter):

chunky sweater, matching top_skirt thetrendspotter.net

Outfitted:  skirt and jumper set

(images from stylecaster):

knitwear, chunky jumper stylecastercarola-bernard-by-styledumonde-street-style-fashion-blog_mg_9562-700x1050

In the pink

  knitwear, chunky jumper, stylecasteroutfit-17d

Chunky combo:   chunky scarf, chunky jumper

knitwear, chunky jumper, stylecaste

All wrapped up

(image from glamour magazine):

knitwear, chunky jumper, glamour fashionthe-fixer-sweater-street-style-h724

Half-tucked presentation