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American fashion designer

Steven Alan

is a bi-coastal:  living / working on both the west coast- Los Angeles

and the east coast- New York City, of the continental United States.

Yet, his sartorial aesthetics is definintely not a melding of dress directive

from each of these two fashion specific cities.

Rather, his design slant leans firmly towards an east coast,

NYC cool / carefree style.

(image from elle.com):

steven alan, designer, portrat, elle.com

designer, Steven Alan

Initially a retailer / curator for up and coming designers-

Steven Alan launched his eponymous label in 1999

having no formal training in fashion design.

What he did possess was a trained eye and a clear vision

to create clothing:  starting in menswear and later to include womenswear,

which is of traditional classic casual but with his own interpretive

of distinct, albeit subtle,  modern details.

His iconic reverse seam shirt is example of this creative approach:

button down

seams on the outside

stitched down collar

narrow breast pocket

body tailored

at a length to be worn untucked

and the singular detail-  a twisted placket

Reverse seam shirt

(images from stevenalan.com):

stven alan, reverse seam shirt, full front, steven alan.com ALL_ALL_MST0001_SK010_PD

narrower breast pocket

untucked length

steven alan, reverse seam shirt, top front view, stevenalan.com ALL_ALL_MST0001_SK010_PD2

twisted placket

steven alan, reverse seam shirt, back top half, stevenalan.com ALL_ALL_MST0001_SK010_PD3

stitched down collar

For his menswear collection,  a / w 2015

Steven Alan remains true to his design perspective:  “New York relaxed”.

Steven Alan

Menswear, a / w  2015

muted colour palette

easy-fit silhouette

light layering


scarf  focus

trainer footwear

Steven_Alan, menswear, to ankle-length cardi over to waist button cardiSteven_Alan, menswear, a15, fisherman's hat top offSteven_Alan, menswear, a15, in grey- super relaxed trousers_jacket, fluff scrafSteven_Alan, a 15, menswear, mod grandpa wear Steven_Alan, menswear, a15, grey wear Steven_Alan_ , a15, AiW knitwear Steven_Alan, menswear, a15, hat_scarf faux fur set,Steven_Alan, a15, AiB, jacket_ oversize jacket_

(images from vogue.com)