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The “skivvy”

is a term coined by meappropriatestyle as description for

a to the scalp trimmed hairstyle worn by a

fashion forward / fashion fearless woman.

An equivalent label in the male hairstyling world,

is a buzz cut.



Why the introduction of “skivvy”

into the meappropriatestyle fashion / style lexicon?



I nicknamed my own once ‘to the scalp’ do as skivvy:

to mean styled cut to the skin (the look)  /  sassy (the attitude).

I liked the resonant quality of the word:  sounds good to my ear.

I enjoyed having an original / fun  naming of my do.


A skivvy sighting on & Other Stories


Spotted on the web pages of

high street brand & Other Stories

(the 2013 addition to the H & M family

of Scandanivian cool factor fashion)  –

was a model sporting a “skivvy” do

with lined up hair and fade detail.

Favlook – Lookfav Focus

A skivvy do, done to perfection

sharp line

fade feature

Love it !



(images from & other stories):

hairstyles, skivvy, & other stories 0296718001_1_400000



hairstyles, skivvy, & other stories 0302880002_1_400000



hairstyles, skivvy, & other stories, model in black dress, back view 0307588001_1_100020