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London is a cosmopolitan city:

of multi – ethnic features

of fashion flair

of culinary flavours

The latter continuing to expand in options available.

Mention any specific cuisine,  fusion option or novel foodie interest

and there exists, in this mega-metropolis, a catering restaurant(s) .


What are the chances that a eatery,

which specialises only in packaged breakfast cereals-

would become a popular niche eating experience?

Well very high as it turns out!

Welcome to

Cereal Killer Cafe  (catchy name!)


cereal killer cafe, meapp photoscereal killer cafe, meapp photos

Spoilt for choice!

super cereal selections from the U.S., U.K. and the world

Pick and mix or stay pure to your favourite brand

(photos by meappropriatestyle)

The brain child of idential twin brothers

Alan and Gary Keery from Belfast, Ireland-

the first Cereal Killer Cafe opened in 2014 on

Brick Lane, Shoreditch (London).

cereal killer cafe, twin brothers, alan_gary keery

Alan and Gary Keery

the sibling duo behind Cereal Killer Cafe

(image from cerealkillercafe.co.uk)

Cereal Killer Cafe

is an eatery of singular intent:

serving up cereals from around the world:

120 cereal brands from which to choose,

served straight or mixed to your specification

30 types of milk

20 kinds of toppings:   nuts, fruits, sweets

The Ambience

decorated  just for fun

kooky   kitsch- kitchen   ffties-diner 

cereal killer cafe, meapp photos

Sit at diner style tables and chairs


cereal killer cafe, meapp photos

Recline on beds covered with duvets featuring favourite cartoon characters

(photos by meappropriatestyle)

At Cereal Killer Cafe, indulge

in a bowl of sugary treats with added milk and topping options-

evocative of childhood memories of an ultimate sugar rush.


Cereal Killer Cafe has two London locations:

Brick Lane, Shoreditch (opened in 2014)

Camden Locks, Camden (opened in 2015)

For additional information / details, visit:

The Cafes