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As we now sort out autumn / winter dress for

the looming cold weather season-

the fashion calendar is fast forward focused

on the collections being presented for Spring 2016.

The daily calendar and the fashion calendar may not be

in synchronised harmony, but that’s to be expected

as fashion is all about ‘the what’s next factor’.


As New York Fashion Week,  Spring 2016  (10 – 17 September)

comes to a close, consider a few presentation highlights.

After all, there’s nothing wrong with planning ahead!

runway favourites

NYFW,  Spring   2016

(images from vogue.com):

Denim dimension

suiting, deconstruction, layering, styled

by painter turned designer Greg Lauren

A familiar ring to the surname? 

Indeed, Greg is the nephew of famed American designer Ralph Lauren

nyfw, s 2016, denim, long coat, vest, trousers, stripped, vogue_ARC0967 nyfw, s 2016, greg lauren, denim_ARC0911 nyfw, s 2016, greg lauren, vogue_ARC0840 nyfw, s2016, greg lauren, denim, deconstruction, trouser_skirt, vogue _ARC0654

Gingham / Check patterns

americana aesthetics

from J.  Crew by creative director, Jenna Lyons

nyfw, s 2016, gingham/check,  j. crewnyfw, s 2016, gingham/check,  j. crew

Pinstriping perspectives

from DKNY, by design team Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne

(the duo behind fashion label Public School)

nyfw, s 2016, dkny, pinstriping nyfw, s 2016, dkny, pinstriping, _ARC0719 nyfw, s 2016, pinstripes, dkny _ARC0259 nyfw, s 2016, pinstripes, dkny, vogue_ARC0213

Fashion:  just for the sheer fun of it

celebrating 50 years in the industry

to the max:  playful, zany, colour impact

It’s time to party with designer, Betsey Johnson

nyfw, s 2016, betsey johnson nyfw, s 2016, betsey johnson

nyfw, s 2016, betsey johnson

Light Layering

from Babyghost by designers, Joshua Hupper and Qiaoran Huang

nyfw, s 2016, light layering, babyghost nyfw, s 2016, light layering, babyghost

A bit of the weird, whacky and wonderful

zoot suit meets the Orient

by designer, Thom Browne

nyfw, s2016, thom browne, zoot suit meets the orient, nyfw, s2016, thom browne, zoot suit meets the orient,

Tailored elegance

a soft shade of green in varied fabrication:  chiffon / imprinted leather

by designer, Jason Wu

nyfw, s2016, green, jason wu

nyfw, s 2016, green leather, subtle animal print, jason wu