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Fashion-speak is a living language,

ever evolving to better describe

dress images presented

And the word is


af ‘ro – punk  (n.)

  1.  refers to a primarily musical movement, which embraces rudiments of

American punk scene and Black American cultural aspects

2.  the segment of the Black American community active in the

world of punk – subculture, once an essentially White domain

3.  born from this movement is the annual Afropunk Music Festival

launched, 2002 and celebrated each August in Brooklyn, NYC.

Afropunk Music Festival, 2015 was hosted 22 -23 August 2015 at

Brooklyn’s Commodore Barry Park.

4.  the fashion aesthetics associated with the melding of

elements of punk and African dress sensibilities:

fabrication / styling (with hair and clothing)


Fashion / Music Fusion


Afropunk Dress Sense



Afropunk Hair Groove



(image from superselection):


afro punk, hair,


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afro punk, hair,afro punk, hair,