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Japanese avant garde designer

Junya Watanabe

is an innovative voice in the chorus of fashion design.

Educated at famed Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo (graduated, 1984);

mentored by designer, Rei Kawakubo (Comme Des Garçons);

in 1993, he launched his own line under the Commed Des Garçon umbrella-

Junya Watanabe Comme Des Garçons.

His menswear and womenswear collections regularly challenge

accepted aesthetic norms with unexpected design interpretives.


Not without his share of controversy,

his menswear collection for s/s 2016 came under intense

scrutiny, discussion, query:

use of only Caucasian models in preppy dress

and with African inspired textiles / accessories.

Was it willful “cultural appropriation”;

pointed commentary on colonialism-

a bit of both?

Was it singularly a bit of expressed disappointment by fashion-watchers

for the lack of model diversity in the runway representation? –

a bit of all of the above?


Junya Watanabe

Menswear,  s / s  2016

(images from style.com):

junya watanabe, men s_s  2016 junya watanabe, men s_s  2016

For his womenswear collection, a / w 2016

Mr. Watanabe embarked on another design direction:



Origami inspired folds and pleats

Honeycomb fabric feature

B / W   (black / white colour story)


Compelling headwear

Studded brogues


Junya Watanabe

Womenswear,  a / w 2016

junya, cutouts, fall 2015, 18-junya-watanabe

junya, orgami, fall 2015, style, 03-junya-watanabe

junya, oragami, fall 2015, 08-junya-watanabe

junya, oragami fall 2015, 20-junya-watanabe  junya, oragami, fall 2015, 10-junya-watanabe junya, orgami head dress, fall 2015, 45-junya-watanabe junya, orgami, fall 2015, 05-junya-watanabe

junya, orgami, fall 2015, 07-junya-watanabe

junya, orgami, fall 2015, 42-junya-watanabe  junya, slits, fall 2015,15-junya-watanabe