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In the pink

Beauty, sensitivity, romance, gentleness, delicacy-

are but a few words in the contemporary lexicon

ascribable to the colour pink.

Yet, there there are a few variants to the

“pink colour word history”.


Reference to a colour pink is traceable to ancient times

and certainly pink as a vibrant pigment colour,

(a blending of red and white)

was much used in religious painting

during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Consider the use of pink pigment on manuscript leaves from

by famed 15th century Dutch minaturist painters

The Limbourg Bothers –

Adoration of the Magi

from Belles Heures du Jean Duc de Berry

In the pink:

focal Magi’s garment

pink, renaissance painting, tres riches heures

St. Catherine Bound to Column

from Belles Heures du Jean Duc de Berry (1408)

In the pink:

God’s shirt, on-lookers cap, executioner’s cloak

pink, Renaissance, tres riches heures, man in pink robe, oberlin.edu week11-0068

(images from acro-iris.com and oberlin.edu)


By the late 17th century, “pink”  as a colour word

was utilised in the English language.

It’s derivation stems from

the name of the Dutch flower “pinken”.



Yet,  it is the strong gender alignment of the colour,

which is of particular interest.

Originally in European culture

pink was more regarded as a masculine colour

due to its hue relationship with the “murderous”  colour red.

Whereas blue was thought of as a colour more relatable to women as

it is the traditional colour worn by the Virgin Mary in artworks of her “likeness”.


By the mid 20th century, the colour gender alignment

had shifted with pink most strongly identified with women and

blue most connected with men.

The evolution of pink as colour statement continues.

Today it seems more a colour of gender neutrality.


Pink is also a colour charged by political affiliation.

It has come to be widely used as word reference to

leftist / communist leanings.

In current vernacular, Latin American countries with

leftist political heads of state are known as the “Pink Tide”  nations.

An emotive colour with a fascinating history trail

pink is set to be an impact colour for autumn / winter 2015.

In the pink


gender- neutral

a / w 2015

For the Gents:

Comme des Garçons by Rei Kawakubo

graphic twirls – fantastic

pink, men, 2015,

by designer, Astrid Andersen

hard / soft


 a beret / a bit of lace over-lay

pink, men, f 2015

Good ‘n Plenty

A pink and black colour mix

pink, men, f 2015

by desinger, Walter Van Beirendonck 

In blush pink

For when a jacket is required

pink, men, f 2015,

from Casely-Hayford

by father and son design duo,  Joe and Charlie Casely-Hayford

In bright fushcia


pink, men, fall, 2015

For the ladies:

by designer, Junya Watanabe

orgami sculptural in raspberry pink

pink, women, fall, 2015

from Topshop Unique

In champagne pink

dress:  shoulders bared, form fit

runched material, thin black band, mini

pink, women, fall, 2015

by designer, Catriona Mcauley

In amaranth pink

front draping

pink, ladies, fall, 2015

from Custo Barcelona

In varying shades of pink and lavender purple

dress:  knit, patchwork design, mini

pink, fall 2015, mini dress

from Balmain

by designer, Olivier Rousteing

In persian rose pink

palazzo trousers:  pleats /  flowing 

pink, fall 2015

from  A.W.A.K.E.

by designer, Natalia Alaverdian

light coral pink overcoat

wide lapel , wide sleeves with side slits

pink, fall 2015,

Graduate Collection

from Central Saint Martins College

by designer Samuel Guidong Yang

In rose pink

asymmetrical booting

to the knee / at the ankle

pink, fall 2015, boots_shoes, central saint martins, style, KIM_0620