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Natalia Alaverdian, designer of A.W.A.K.E.

(which is the acronym for her label All Wonderful Adventures Kindle Enthusiasm)

has created an autumn / winter 2015 women’s collection

which elegantly melds simple forms with modern, playful imagery.

The design referencing is multi – storied:


Japanese manga comics / anime film

Japanese kimono-esque silhouettee

aymmetric details

mixed fabrication




subdued base colours

historic hints (medieval sleeves / contours)

’40s flair

’50s hemlines

’60s fashion foward push cue

current style sensibilities

and then some!

The clothes are a gentle jumble of various influences.

Yet, all comes together seamlessly-

in an coherent collection.

The label, which launched in 2012

is “wide awake” with creative engergy and possibilities.


A / W  2015

(images from style.com):

An eclectic design mix

awake-, fall, 2015

In a medieval mind

awake-, fall, 2015


awake-, fall, 2015

awake, fall 2015

’60s trouser suiting inspired

awake, fall 2015

Flouncy skirt with a bit of kick

à la Carmen Miranda

awake, fall 2015

Monastic following

awake, fall 2015

Faux fur panel coat

and Japanese scripted

awake, fall 2015

A new view on high / low

awake, fall 2015

Skirt suiting

awake, fall 2015

awake, fall 2015