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Fashion – speak is a living language,

ever evolving to better describe

dress images presented

And the word is


an’ti – gla’mour  (adj.)

  1.  a increasingly popular term on the fashion scene to describe the antithesis

of an accepted ideal of beauty

2.  challenges societal stereotypes of what is regarded as beauty for women

3.  encouraging acceptance of various body types as images of beauty:

body curves, body tattoss, body piercing, body agender, body “whatever”

4.  ascribing as beautiful something / someone against the norm



Anti – glamour

“You’re beautiful, dahling”

in every way



(image from justjared):

anti glamour, fashion-speak

Curvy and inked

Self appointed spokeswoman for anti-glamour

American actress / author Lena Dunham

(image from glamour magazine uk):

anti glamour, fashion-speak

Brains, not hair is the beauty

Skivvy cut

Sinead O’Conner

Irish singer / songwriter


anti glamour, fashion-speak


As of 2012  more women outnumber men in body tatts

(Stats for the U.S.  Source:  flavorwire.com)