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“She said what?!”

featuring statements from outspoken women:

opinions, outlooks, observations

which they were more than willing to share.


British writer, Agatha Christie (1890 – 1976)

was an internationally renown best selling

mystery / crime novelist, playwriter and author of short stories.

An extraordinary talent from an early age,

her mother enthusiastically encouraged her to write.

(image from the telegraph uk):

agatha-christie, portrait

the writer, Agatha Christie

Her first book, The Mysterious Affair at Styles published in 1920-

introduced the character,  Belgian detective Hercule Poiro

who featured in many subsequent stories.

Ms. Christie wrote over 30 novels, which spotlighted this much loved character:

Murder on the Orient Express (1934), Death on the Nile (1937) among others.

During the 1970s, both of these popular writings

were made into equally popular movies.

The year 1926 was an annus horribilis:

her beloved mother died and

her beloved husband fell in love with another woman and

petitioned for a divorce.

Depressed, saddened-   Ms. Chrisite famously disappeared

without a clue as to her whereabouts.

All of England was caught up in the media story storm of mystery:

where was the missing, mystery story writer?

She would emerge three weeks later and

would never speak publically of the incident again.


Her fame as a playwright is evidenced still.

The Mousetrap, a play of murder,  mystery

with a surprise twist ending-

opened in the London, West End (1952).

It has been running continually ever since.

Now in its 63rd year of production at St. Martins Theatre, London-

The Mousetrap remains the longest running show

in the history of British theatre!

For her contribution to the literary arts,

Ms Christie was made a Dame in 1971.



A statement of positive self image,  of acceptance of self

A quote on options considered and decision made!

A “She said what?!”  quote by Agatha Christie

“I’ve got a stomach now as well as a behind.

And I mean – well,

you can’t pull it in both ways, can you?

  I’ve made it a rule to pull in my stomach

and let my behind look after itself.”