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Meet innovative shoe designer

Tracy Neuls

whose footwear creations are

stylishly originative, gloriously comfortable, expertly crafted.

(image from sales gossip):

shoes, designer, Tracey-Neuls

shoe designer, Tracey Neuls

New to her collection is the

Ally Lippizan Derby Shoe

all leather

wood heels

quirky pointed toes

white hairs with contrast brown laces

Derby shoes are kindred designs to brogues, Oxfords, Bluchards.

A distinct feature of a traditional derby is the shoe lace eyelets construction

which are positioned on top (as opposed to beneath)

the vamp (front section) of a shoe.

Unlike the Oxford shoe, which were worn for more formal occasions-

the Derby, dating back to the 1850s,

was for casual wear, more specifically hunting / sporting events.

The Ally Lippizan shoe is a design nod to a classic footwear.

Gotta have it!

Ally Lippizan Derby Shoes

textural,  tempting,  to – have

(images from traceyneuls.com):

 tracey neuls.com ally-lippizan-top-

tracey neuls.com ali-lippizan-shopping-white-border-600x600

shoe designer,  tracey neuls, ally lippizan derby

Visit Ms. Neuls two independent London boutiques-

located in hot-shop-spots:  Marylebonne Lane and Redchurch Street, Shoreditch.

The window displays are eye arresting (so you will stop!).

The interior decors are whimsical fun (so you will stay awhile!).

(image from hmvm):shoes, designer, shop display, Tracey-Neuls

A veritable shoe feast.  Get stuck in!

(Tracey Neuls, Marylebonne Lane)