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In any given society,

certain colours are assigned meanings of import and reverence.

In Chinese culture, red and gold / yellow are weighted of particular significance.

Red  symbolizes good fortune and joy.


Gold / Yellow considered the most beautiful hue(s)

are said to create Yin and Yang-

two halves, which represent wholeness, harmony.

Associated also with the emperors of Imperial China

gold / yellow are equated with freedom from worldly cares.


(image from china.org.cn):

Chinese imperial clothing

Of royal garb

(image from hnmuseum.com):

of chinese inspiration, Han dynasty, ladies gown

Gown of a noble lady

Western Han Dynasty (206 BC – 25 AD)

In addition, yellow is colour honoured in Chinese Buddhism-

a philosophy, which focuses on spiritual development and

a communion with nature.


Often worn as colour combination on Chinese garments-

to be attired in red and gold / yellow vibrancy

is to exude fashion confidence, balance, contentment.

Red, yellow / gold

Chinese Culture colourspeak

(photo by Tommy Ton):

of chinese inspiration

Scarf in silk textile

red, bordered with gold

(photo by the urbanspotter):

of chinese inspiration

Mandarin collared blouse

(image from freepeople):

of chinese inspiration

Front split skirt

floral impact with red background

trimmed in black

(photo from the urbanspotter):

of chinese inspiration

Red button front shirt

in flower bouquet motif