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‘She said what?!’

featuring statements from outspoken women:

opinions, outlooks, observations

which they were more than willing to share.


Writer, philosopher Ayn Rand (1905 – 1982)

Russian born and raised, American naturalised-

is best known for her novels:

The Fountainhead (1943),  Atlas Shrugged (1957).

Collectively, her novels served as ideal vehicles to promote

Ms. Rand’s philosophy for life, which she called Objectivism.

(image from the nydailynews.com):

ayn rand, portrait


Ayn Rand

Starting out informally in the 1950s and

eventually evolving into an organised movement


is a perspective which promotes rational self- interest

defined as focused pursuit of one’s own happiness

as “the highest moral aim”.

A “She said what ?!” quote by Ayn Rand

she said what quote, ayn rand

A ” you and what army” challenge!