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Pride London is an annual event

in recognition of and celebration with the LGBT community.

The highlight of the week-long festivity is

Pride Parade

which takes place this year on Saturday, 27 June 2015.



London’s first gay pride parade took place in 1972 with

700 people participating in the march

a sizeable police presence

a mixture of curious onlookers  and openly hostile agitators.



Forty-three years hence-

Pride Parade

is a moving street party

down some of central London’s most famous roads.


Music blasting

Everybody dancing

Decorated floats

Outrageous costumes

Parade participants from a host of organizations and professional bodies.

Over 750,000 people lined last year’s parade route!

Pride, 2014

pride parade, 2014, pride parade, 2014,

The parade begins at 1300 and is expected to end at 1630.

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(images from demotix)