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Recognised throughout many nations;

celebrated primarily during the month of June

(although the date may vary from country to country)-

Father’s Day

was established to honour men who parent their children

unceasingly, selflessly, wholeheartedly:


Those who are engaged

Those who love

Those who are present


There from the start, there throughout.





Happy Father’s Day!

(21 June 2015)


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15 May 2014 --- Father and toddler daughter playing at bath time --- Image by © Romona Robbins Photography/Corbis

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  fathers day, cehd.umn.edu andson

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D40060 Two Muslim men with their children in Sana'a, capital city of Yemen, Middle East. Image shot 2010. Exact date unknown.

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fathers day

Father with His Adult Son bxp156658h

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