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Ascot Racecourse in Ascot, England

is a premier racecourse for thorough breed horse racing.

Located near Windsor Castle and

established in 1711 by Queen Anne-

the racecourse maintains particular ties

with the British royal family.


Each June,

the famed racecourse hosts Royal Ascot-

five days of horse racing excitement,

which is the jewel event on the annual racing calender.

Not only is it a celebrated sporting experience

but Royal Ascot is recognised as

an occasion of fashion pageantry.

With hats of every conceivable dimenson and design-

Ladies Day at Royal Ascot

is a highpoint of the sartorial display.

Head held high !

Ladies Day at Royal Ascot, 2015


(image from western morning news uk):

 ASCOT, 2015, ladies day,

Lady in black / red

in general:  the outifit in full effect

(imagesfrom the telegraph uk):

ASCOT, 2015, ladies day, telegraph _One_lady_sho_3346569k

Lady in black / red

the specifics:  hat focus

(image from home.bt):

 ASCOT, 2015, ladies day,

Green, black, yellow

colours of the Jamaican flag

(image from gulliverstravel):

 ASCOT, 2015, ladies day,

Total whimsy

(images form telegraph uk):

Ascot_2015, ladies_day, telegraph -t_3346146k

A teddy bear tea party

ascot, 2015, -ladies-day, telegraph -M_3345588k

Blue diamond deer

(images from chron.com):

ascot, 2015, ladies day, chron.com 622x350

Roses and plummage aplomb

ascot, 2015, ladies day, chron 622x350

Camo-wear taken to new heights

(image from cnn):

ascot, 2015, ladies day, cnn, 150618155040-royal-ascot-horse-hat-exlarge-169

At a gallop

(images from get reading):

  ascot, 2015, ladies day, get reading IMG_0066JPG


flowers and veil

ascot, 2015, ladies day, get reading,IMG_2052JPG

‘Loves me, loves me not’ white, flower petals (l)

Pink butterfuly (r)

ascot, ladies day, 2015, getreading.co.uk IMG_0044JPG

(image from irish examiner):

 ascot, 2015, ladies day, irish examiner, 1434641909-cd4f7d4906ca1e23f88117273282ed32-600x405

Say it with flowers:  lots and lots and lots

Ascot, 2015, ladies day, mirror,

Ten gallon hat style

(image from mirror uk):

  ascot, 2015, Ladies-day-, mirror, at-Royal-Ascot

Colourful rosette swirls

(image from the mirror uk):

Ascot, 2015, ladies, day, mirror,

‘In fancy dress’

(images from the telegraph uk):

ascot, 2015,-ladies-day, telegraph --_3345844k

Tropical exotics

Ascot, 2015,-ladies-day, telegraph -h_3345922k High turban