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For spring / summer 2015, Spanish labels-

Sefra and Aldomartins

offer differences of dress style and fashion attitude choices:

minimalist versus colour graphics.


Both design options are meticulously constructed.

Both design options are modern and on trend.

The decision is yours!

Yet, why chooose?   Go for both looks.

It all depends on your fashion sway on any given day.





(images from vogue.es):




from Sefra

by Sefra retail chain

clean lines, subdued hues, understated elegance

footwear fashion:  gladiator sandals


sfera, s 15, vogue.es_primavera_verano_2015_839923024_1200x sfera, s14. vogue.es _primavera_verano_2015_56661011_1200x sfera, s15, vogue, textural _primavera_verano_2015_789872239_1200x

sfera, vogue.es, s15_primavera_verano_2015_445339580_1200x

sfera, s15, vogue.es, shift dress_primavera_verano_2015_677594392_1200x sfera, s15, vogue.es, white dress, black details_primavera_verano_2015_203328903_1200x


Colour graphics

from Aldomartins (label)

by Nuria Bisbal (designer/artistic director)

floral inspired prints, colour coded, fun patterns, sport lux vibe

footwear fashion:  trainers


aldomartins, s15,  vogue_primavera_de_verano_2015__351961301_800x aldomartins, s15, vogue.es, _primavera_de_verano_2015__737963889_800x aldomartins, s15, vogue.es_primavera_de_verano_2015__360551350_800x aldomartins, s15, vogue.es, _primavera_de_verano_2015__999661233_800x aldomartins, s15, vogue.es_primavera_de_verano_2015__847635837_800x aldomartins, s15, vogue.es,_primavera_de_verano_2015__917574227_800x