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Abstract expressionism:

an art movement

evolved in NYC

set NYC on trajectory as ‘the place’ of modern art (over Paris)

spanned 1940’s to mid 1960’s


undefined forms

sometimes suggestive of a figurative reference

expressive of emotions

spontaneous, rapid application of paint


Now go for it-

express your inner abstract expressionist.

You know you want to!

A bit of inspiration from

American abstract expressionist artist

Franz Kline (1910 – 1962).

(image from the metmuseum.org):

Black Reflections, 1959

abstract expressionism, franz kline, black reflections, 1959, metmuseum.orgh2_64.146

(image from artnc.org):

Orange Outline, 1955

abstract expressionism, franz Kline, Orange Outline, 1955, artnc.org 58_8_8

(image from cuny.edu):

Untitled, 1958

abstract expressionism, franz kline, untitled, 1958

1.  Click on the link

2.  A blank page will appear

3.  Click on your mouse / pad

to start a colour flow, to introduce a new colour

4.  Use your mouse / pad to navigate the page,

to create shapes / forms of varying dimensions