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‘She said what?!’

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Ruth Gordon (1896 – 1985)

an American actress of stage, film, television

screenwriter and playwright-

was a woman of undeterred determination.

At fifteen years old, convinced of her destiny to be a stage actress,

she left her hometown in Quincy, Massachusetts and headed to NYC

with only $50 to her name.

Told that she was of little beauty and little talent;

a critique of one of her early stage performances,

appeared in The New York Tribune  and read:

‘Anyone who looks like that and acts like that must get off the stage.”

(quote from nytimes.com) –

she nonetheless, remained courageous and resolute.

Her perseverance eventually paid off.

(image from imdb.com):

ruth gordon, receives Oscar, supporting actress, rosemary's baby

The actress, Ruth Gordon

recipient of the Academy Award for her role in

Rosemary’s Baby

She became the first American actress

to perform with the illustrious Old Vic Company, London.

She would go on to win an Academy Award, Best Supporting Actress

for her role as the witch in the film Rosemary’s Baby (1968).

The longevity of her career spanned over seventy years.

She was a woman of incredible vitality and stamina-

working at her craft until the day she died.

Plus, she certainly had a way with words.

A “She said what?!” quote by

Ruth Gordon


ruth gordon quotes- changes in life, and you are one of them

Change can be a good thing.