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With no sign of abating,

the power of the CWS as signature garment

remains a potent go-to piece.

Its fashion versatility guarantees wardrobe staple status.

For a summer look that freshens and brightens,

styled for casual wear or formal attire-

consider dress in a CWS.



(photos by Tommy Ton):


Summer Loving:  The CWS factor

CWS, sassy skirt

CWS:  open neck, rolled sleeves

worn with a sassy skirt

CWS, with jeans

CWS:  a bit oversized, partially tucked into denim short shorts

CWS, summer whites, 15, ladies, CWS

CWS:  par trois paired with skirt fashion

(l – r)  asymmetric, fringed, AiW (All in White)

(image from wholesale7.net):

CWS, men

CWS:  gender neutral fashion

(image from business-lady.net):

  CWS, with skirt over trouser fashion

CWS tucked into skirt over trouser fashion