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Thanks to technological innovation

another modern-day first has been accomplished:

a citizens’ hologram protest staged in Madrid, Spain.


(image from twitter.com):

halogram protest, madrid, twittercom CCTAfGnUgAIUmJJ

Hologram protestors against the Citizen Safety Law

Madrid, Spain

A bit of background

In December 2014,

the lower house of the Spanish Parliament, Madrid

passed a new Citizen Safety Law which will make it illegal for Spanish citizens:

to assemble for peaceful protest in front of government/public service buildings

to insult a police officer

to refuse to show identification papers

when instructed to do so by police authorities.

In addition, there will be a 600 euros fine imposed

for showing a lack of respect to uniformed police personnel.

The law which comes into effect, commencing July, 2015

has ignited a concerted outcry in Spain

and throughout the European Union (EU) community.

Local dissenters have dubbed appropriately, the new government directives-

“The Gag Law”.

To make their outrage known while working within

the confines of the law’s restrictions,

local organisers and their international supporters

created and staged a hologram demonstration.

On Friday, 10 April 2015

the ghost-like images of hologram protesters

‘marched’ in front of a Spanish parliament building.

The irony of the situation was abundantly evident.

A technological/political first

Hologram protesters in Madrid, Spain

The future of hologram presentations ?

Consideration of the use of such technology intrigues.


a hologram runway show?

a hologram university lecture?

a hologram music concert/festival?

Holograms in lieu of actual beings:  of preference and/or of necessity-

Hmmm ….?