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American jazz songstress Billie Holiday

nicknamed “Lady Day”

was famed for her original, soulful voice.

(image from hilobrow.com):

billie_holiday_1957, hilobrow.com

Billie Holiday (1957)

Unfortunately her life was plagued with personal challenges.

She battled drug and alcohol addiction

in addition to the intensity of racial discrimination during the 1930s / 1940s.

Tragically, she died at only 44 years old.

However, today she is rightfully remembered for her authentic musical talent.

In 1972,  Diana Ross won a Golden Globe

and received an Oscar nomination for her

portrayal of Billie Holiday in the movie Lady Sings the Blues.

John Hammond, the record producer who discovered Ms. Holiday, said of her:

“I listened to this girl, and I just couldn’t believe my ears that here was a singer who sounded like an instrumentalist, like one of the most advanced instrumentalists there had ever been.”   (quote from npr.org)

A “She said what?!” quote by

Billie Holiday (1915 – 1959)

  Billie-Holiday, quote-theres-no-damn-business-like-show-business, lifehack.org -217601